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Mass Casualty Incident Trailer

Mass Casualty Incident Trailer

Mass Casualty Incident Trailer

 Triage Area Following Mass Casualty Incident Training SiteMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Trailer is specifically designed and stocked with the emergency response equipment to properly respond to a mass casualty incident (multiple-casualty incident or multiple-casualty situation).  The mass casualty situations are any incident in which emergency medical services resources, such as personnel and equipment, are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties.  These types of events include but are not limited to: 1) multiple vehicle collision; 2) building collapses, 3) mass transit accidents (airliner, train and bus collisions); 4) natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, tornados, typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis, and wild fires); 5) hazardous material releases (CO Emergencies, HAZMAT incidents, and Chemical Exposure); 6) manmade disasters or combat action (Weapons of Mass Destruction, bombings, multiple shootings, combat action); and 7) other large-scale emergencies.

This mass casualty incident trailer responds effectively and efficiently to these types of emergencies by providing the emergency equipment required to find and extract victims from the affected area and deliver them to designated treatment areas.  Utilizing this trailer, patient extraction can begin as soon as this mass casualty trailer arrives on scene.  The trailer is arranged and stocked so the critical emergency equipment and the first responders’ proper personal protective equipment (PPE) can quickly be distributed and dispatched to perform this extraction operation.

Extraction is essential and the cots and litters, stocked in this mass casualty trailer, are critical for proper extraction of the victims.  Additional critical care medical equipment and bandages are also stocked in this trailer to provide the first responders the first aid equipment they need to treat the victim by: 1) opening the airway; 2) performing CPR; 3) stopping the bleeding; and 4) treating for shock.

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Mass Casualty Incident Trailer is an expertly engineered mass casualty supply trailer that is highly durable and ruggedized to effectively and rapidly transport critical caches of emergency equipment to mass casualty incident sites.  This trailer has a steel frame with all aluminum superstructures.  The size of the trailer is 20’ X 8.5’ X 7’ (6M X 2.5M X  2M).  This trailer has two (2) access doors.  The main door is a large ramp door, at the rear of the trailer, for the quick distribution of the emergency equipment.  The other door is a small man door on the front curbside (of the trailer), for additional controlled access.  This trailer is capable of traversing difficult terrain while responding to a mass casualty event in remote and urban areas.

 Toxic Decontamination

The caches of equipment consist of:

  • BLS Treatment Kits
  • Trauma Supply Modules
  • Immobilization Modules
  • Infection Control Supplies
  • Adult Airway Modules (including ALS Upgrade)
  • Advanced Life Support and Diagnostic Equipment
  • IV Supplies Module
  • Pediatric Airway Module (including ALS Upgrade)
  • Splinting Module
  • Power Supply Module
  • Oxygen Equipment
  • Emergency Hand Light Module

Additional emergency equipment can be purchased and stocked inside this trailer to meet your specific needs.

Providing YOU, the front line Paramedics, the perfect mass casualty incident trailer that will provide you the equipment necessary to meet your demanding search, rescue, recovery, and triage mission!

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