Project Description



 Endoscopic Reception Inside Mobile Endoscopy FacilityMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Endoscopy Unit allows our customers to perform many endoscopic procedures.  This allows their physicians to examine, diagnose, and document abnormalities through inspection, specimen collection, and therapeutic intervention.  Along with endoscopic procedures, which allow direct visualization of the GI tract or lungs, they can also offer specialized procedures such as Capsule Endoscopy, Esophageal, and Anorectal Manometry, pH monitoring, placement of percutaneous feeding tubes, and IV medication infusions.

The endoscopic services that can be performed inside our Mobile Endoscopy Unit are:

  • EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy)
  • Esophageal Dilatation
  • Therapeutic Injection
  • Variceal Banding
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Colonosopy
  • Enteroscopy
  • Poylpectomy
  • ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)
  • Esophageal Manometry
  • Ambulatory pH Monitoring
  • Capsule Endoscopy
  • Remicade
  • Blood Transfusions

Our Mobile Endoscopy Unit is built on a heavy-duty 53’ (16M) double expandable semi-trailer chassis.  The facility’s superstructure is all aluminum with two (2) large expandable walls.  These expandable walls almost triple the interior space inside this facility.  In addition, it is designed to provide two (2) clean and safe Endoscopic Suites that meets US standards of care for a Class A Operating Room (OR).   Our Class A ORs has over 200 ft2 (18.6 M2) of internal space.  These two (2) Class A ORs meets all requirements for performing all of the different types of endoscopic procedures. These two (2) endoscopic rooms are integrated with all Medical Gas Systems (O2, Medical Air, and Vacuum) and HEPA filtration system with 20+ air exchanges/hr.

In addition, there are three (3) patient pre-op/post-op semi-private rooms (prepare patients for these procedures and a room for them to recover).  These semi-private rooms have integrated medical gases (Medical Air and Oxygen) and patient monitors.

This facility also has a nurses station to allow registered nurses an efficient space to work and monitor patients preparing for or recovering from these extensive outpatient surgery procedures.

 Doctor Performing Endocopic Procedure Inside Mobile Endoscopy Unit

Our 53’ (16M) Mobile Endoscopy Unit layout maximizes the internal space proving you with two (2) endoscopy rooms. This mobile endoscopy center has the following rooms/capabilities:

  • Endoscopy Rooms (2)
  • Pre-OP/Post-OP Room (3)
  • Soiled Utility Room (1)
  • Clean Utility Room (1)
  • Nurses Station (1)
  • Lavatory (1)
  • Janitor’s Closet (1)

Customers have various needs and requirement for endoscopic equipment (type and brand names).  We will sell you any endoscopy equipment that you require with this Mobile endoscopy facility.

Providing YOU, the Doctors and Nurses the perfect mobile endoscopy facility to properly provide endoscopic procedures on your patients!

Why Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Endoscopy Facility?


Compare our Mobile Endoscopy Facility to our competitor’s mobile endoscopy units (Quality, Capabilities, and Price) and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Endoscopy Facility.