Project Description

YOUR Mobile Family Clinic is modular. You can add any type of mobile clinic to provide the medical outreach service that meets your specific needs.


Mobile Family Clinics and Field Hospitals

 Doctor Exam Child Inside Mobile Family ClinicsFor rapidly deployable Family Clinics and Field Hospitals, Mobile Healthcare Facilities has a modular solution for you. Using a variety of our smaller more maneuverable mobile clinics and medical facilities (in various combinations), allows you to develop any size mobile clinical or field hospital complex that will suit your specific needs. Your clinical or field hospital complex can be used for treating a large amount of patients at the same time (community or village). These Mobile Clinical or Field Hospital complexes can: 1) Screen and Test for diseases (HIV, etc.); 2) Vaccinations; 3) General Medicine; 4) Audiology; 5) Ophthalmology; 6) Women’s Health; 7) Men’s Health, 8) Pediatrics; 9) Dentistry; and 10) Trauma Surgery.

All of these services can be brought to remote communities and villages with heavily damaged or very poor road networks.

 Doctor Injecting A Young Child With A Vaccination Inside Mobile Field Hospitals

These mobile clinics and field hospitals are the perfect solutions for: 1) providing multiple clinical services to remote communities and villages; and 2) responses to natural (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, typhoons, etc.); and 3) man-made disasters (war damages or terrorist attacks).

This is your mobile clinical or field hospital complex. We will work with you to customize the right solution and mix of capabilities to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Also, being modular, it can be easily expanded or modified by just: 1) adding additional mobile healthcare facilities to the complex; 2) removing facilities from the complex; or 3) moving the different mobile facilities to different locations within the mobile clinical complex or field hospital.  This allows you to easily adjust your capabilities as your needs change. These modifications are less expensive than changing brick and mortar hospitals.

Providing YOU, the Medical Staff, the perfect mobile clinical complex or field hospital to properly examine and treat your remote patients!

Why Mobile Healthcare Facilites’ Mobile Family Clinic Complexes and Field Hospitals?

Compare our Mobile General Medicine Facilities to our competitor’s Mobile Medical Units and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile General Medicine Facilities.