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Mobile Triage Unit (24′)(7M)

 Mass Casualty Incident Air Plane CrashMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Triage Trailer is specifically designed for rapid deployment in order to properly respond to a mass casualty incident.  There are many different types of mass casualty incidents.  In these emergencies, the number and severity of casualties overwhelm first responders.  These incidents include but are not limited to: 1) multiple vehicle collision; 2) building collapses, 3) mass transit accidents (airliner, train and bus collisions); 4) natural disasters (earthquakes, tornados, typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis, and wild fires); 5) hazardous material releases (CO Emergencies, HAZMAT incidents, and Chemical Exposure); and 6) manmade disasters or combat action (Weapons of Mass Destruction, bombings, multiple shootings, combat action) and 7) other large-scale emergencies.

The nature of a mass casualty event suggests that the affected areas will not be a safe place to establish treatment areas. Hazards may include chemical, biological or radioactive contamination, unstable building components, secondary device threats, fire involving structures and/or vehicles, limited space, utility issues, etc. The location of the treatment areas will depend on these hazards and threats. If no additional hazard(s) exist, the treatment areas can be established at or near the scene.

Our Mobile Triage Unit can be established in any safe location where it will not interfere with other units arriving for incident control, but in a location as close to the incident scene as possible. This triage facility contains the emergency medical equipment required to perform the initial patient assessment. This facility allows for the immediate treatment of each patient so they can be stabilized, and as soon as possible, be able to log and triage tag them with known history, vital signs, assessments, interventions etc.

This Mobile Triage Trailer is expertly engineered to be highly durable and rugged so it can rapidly deploy to a mass casualty incident site.  This trailer has a steel frame with all aluminum superstructures.  The size of the trailer is 24’ X 8.5’ X 7’ (7M X 2.5M X 2M).  This trailer has three (3) ramp doors.  The roadside and curbside doors have two (2) 600-ft2 (17M2) soft walled shelters attached to it. These soft walled shelters provide a conditioned environment in order to triage casualty patients and perform immediate first aid in order to stabilize the victims.

 Patients In Disaster Outside Mobile Triage Unit

This unit has its own generator to provide power for lights and other critical medical equipment.  Access to the generator area and additional storage is through the rear ramp door. This trailer is capable of traversing difficult terrain while responding to a mass casualty event in both remote and urban areas.

Depending on the size of the incident, the use of Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ other mobile response facilities can be used as a total mass casualty incident response system.  The other facilities specifically designed for responding to mass casualty incidents are:  Mass Casualty Incident Trailer, Ambulances, Mobile Trauma Surgical Units, Mobile Intensive Care Unit, and Mobile Patient Ward Units.

Providing YOU, the front line Paramedic, the perfect mobile triage center that will provide you a conditioned environment for performing your demanding triage mission!

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