Project Description


Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility

Remote Mobile Surgery Unit (30′)(9M)

 Surgical Nurse Inside Remote Mobile Surgery UnitThis facility is specially designed as a remote mobile surgery unit.  It has a doctor’s scrub area, two (2) patient stations for pre-op and recovery, and one (1) clean and safe Operating Room (OR).  This operating room is for performing surgical procedures on patients located in very remote areas.

This remote surgery unit lives up to its remote name.  It is built on a heavy-duty truck chassis with 6-Wheel Drive (2-wheel drive is optional).  Having this major off-road capability, this mobile surgical vehicle is capable of traveling to the most remote communities and villages where the roads are very poor.

This medical facility’s rugged high mobility structure does not reduce its highly sophisticated and critical mission (to perform critical surgeries on sick and injured patients).  This mobile medical unit does not compromise its patient safety for mobility.  It is still designed to meet the highest surgical facility standards.  We maximized the surgical space and implemented the three (3) most critical capabilities (found on our 53′ (16M) Mobile Surgical Facility) in order to maintain the same levels of quality of care for the patient.

We have integrated a complete Medical gas systems (02, Medical Air, and Vacuum) and a HEPA filtration system with 20+ air exchanges per hour into this facility.

This highly technical and maneuverable mobile surgical unit can be set up and struck by two (2) people in less than fifteen (15) minutes.

Being able to bring a mobile surgical facility to a remote location  allows critically sick or injured patients to be treated in the villages or communities in which they live.  This prevents these patients from having to travel many miles (kilometers) to a major hospital with the risk of severe injury or death.

This facility also has the capability of excellent off-road mobility.  This mobile surgical facility is built on a Kenworth T-270 or T370, 6-wheel drive chassis with an option of 2-wheel drive.  The layout for this 30′ (9M) Surgery Unit is designed with four (4) slide out walls.  These expandable walls drastically increase the interior space.  Additional space is required to provide the room needed for additional doctors and nurses to work on patients.  This particular mobile surgical facility has one (1) complete mobile operating suite, one (1) Pre-OP/Recovery Area (two (2) patient stations), and one (1) scrub area.

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The operating suite has the following standard equipment:

  • Medical Gases (O2, Medical Air, Vacuum)
  • Surgical (OR) Light
  • Surgical (OR) Table
  • Instrument Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Crash Cart

The Pre-Op/Recovery and Scrub Area has the following equipment standard:

  • Scrub Sink
  • Medical Gases (O2, Medical Air, Vacuum)
  • 2 Patient Stretchers

Note: Additional optional medical equipment available for purchase.  We are here to provide you with a turnkey solution for your mobile surgical facility requirements.


Why Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Remote Mobile Surgery Unit?


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