Who is Mobile Healthcare Facilities?

 Remote Road In MoroccoMobile Healthcare Facilities is the world leader in the Mobile Healthcare Facility and Mobile Medical Unit marketplace.  We design and develop state of the art mobile healthcare solutions.  We are the only company that utilizes over 50 different mobile platforms that can provide over 40 different medical specialties on a mobile medical vehicle.  We can also integrate multiple medical specialties on one mobile medical vehicle.  This allows our customers to customize a mobile medical solution that meets their specific needs.

Mobile Healthcare Facilities is an international company providing mobile healthcare facilities globally.  Our products are designed to provide mobile medical services to people in the most remote locations.  Our mobile medical units also are designed and developed to provide solutions for disaster recovery, oil field services, and large mobile hospital facilities.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV with our partner manufacturing operations in St. Louis, MO, Detroit, MI, Walton, NY, and Sunbury, OH.

 Pharmacy Logistics ServicesMobile Healthcare Facilities LLC is a domestic and international custom design and manufacturing company for mobile healthcare facilities.  We integrate brick and mortar hospital designs into mobile vehicles (Trucks and Trailers) to provide effective and economic mobile healthcare facility solutions for:

  • Difficult to reach locations
  • Service to multiple locations
  • Losses caused by natural or manmade disasters
  • Current overflow capacity issues at healthcare facilities
  • Need for mobile hospital solutions

There are over forty (40) different medical specialties that we integrate onto over fifty (50) different mobile platforms.  Therefore, we provide our customers a perfect solution (that is effective and efficient) and not just a product.

 Doctor Writing In NotebookTo provide front line healthcare providers the most highly advanced and easy to use customized mobile healthcare facility, that meets their specific needs, at a price they can afford.


 Baby Checkup Inside Mobile General Medicine FacilityWe believe Mobile Healthcare Facilities is here to produce the most highly innovative and expertly designed and built mobile healthcare facility solutions possible.  We design our mobile facility solutions to provide our front line medical customers a state of the art medical facility to properly test, diagnose, and treat their patients.  However, unlike typical stationary brick and  mortar medical facilities, our mobile healthcare facilities are mobile and maneuverable so they can deliver the best and must needed healthcare services to even the most remote communities and villages on the planet.

We also believe in standing behind our products assuring we:

  1.  Meet US Standards of Care;
  2.  Manufacture our products with the highest level of quality and product reliability; and
  3.  Provide world class integrated logistics services, and support.

Our most popular mobile medical vehicles

  • Mobile Surgery Units
  • Mobile Dialysis Units
  • Mobile Dental Units
  • Mobile Audiology Units
  • Mobile Trauma Units
  • Mobile Triage Units
  • Mobile Mass Casualty Units
  • Mobile Patient Wards
  • Mobile General Medicine Clinics
  • Mobile Dental Clinics, Radiology (MRI, PET/CT, and X-Ray) Units

 African Village

 Car On The Street With Water Flooding After Hurricane

  • Mobile Women’s Health (Mobile Mammography Units and Mobile OB-GYN)
  • Mobile Audiology Clinics
  • Mobile Ophthalmology Units
  • Mobile Intensive Care Units
  • Mobile Endoscopy Units
  • Mobile Patient Wards
  • Mobile Intensive Care Units
  • Mobile Command and Control Vehicles
  • Mobile Hospital Facilities