US Government

Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) –  To provide humanitarian healthcare services to undocumented immigrants that are being detained, ICE contracted with Mobile Healthcare Facilities to provide three (3) different types of mobile healthcare facilities.  These facilities were critically needed to provide additional healthcare capabilities  to support this ever increasing mission.

This facility is designed to segregate and treat patients with communicable diseases and treat the patient and prevent the spread of the disease.  This facility is scheduled to be deployed to a Facility in Central Texas.



This is a customized multi-functional medical facility.  This facility has two dental rooms fully integrated with 2 high quality dental chairs, digital X-Ray machines, and a Panoramic X-Ray machine.

Also as part of this mobile medical facility is the mental health clinic.  This mental health clinic is designed to provide counseling to these patients.  Many of these people had a very difficult and trying journey from their home country to the U.S.  These people are able to receive much needed mental counseling to help them cope with all of their metal challenges.



This facility was also a customized multi-functional designed facility to provide general medicine diagnostics and treatment to these patients.  This facility consists of 5 ea. General Medicine Clinic Rooms and a large pharmacy.  The pharmacy portion of this facility provides a pharmaceutical facility to properly store and distribute prescription medicines to the patients being treated in the general medicine clinic.



Photos of our Facilities Installed