Project Description


Mobile Surgery Unit

Mobile Surgical Facility (53′)(16M)

 Surgeons Performing Surgery In Mobile Surgical FacilityOur largest Mobile Surgical Facility is more than a mobile surgery unit.  It is a complete mobile surgical operating theater.

This mobile surgical facility is based on a double expandable 53’ (16M) trailer chassis providing up to 1100 ft2 (102 m2) of internal surgical and surgical support space. This mobile surgical unit is specially designed to provide surgical treatment that meets all US Standards of Care for an Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ mobile surgical facility is U.S. Healthcare Code compliant and can be state licensed and Joint Commission accredited.

Our Mobile Surgical facility is specially designed to provide a clean and safe Operating Suite that meets US standards of care for a Class “C” Operating Room (OR).   Our Class “C” OR has over 400 ft2  (37 m2) of internal space.  This Class “C” OR meets all of the requirements for performing all types of major and minor surgical procedures from brain, cardiac, and thoracic surgery, to endoscopic and plastic surgery. This surgical facility is integrated with Medical Gas Systems (O2, Medical Air, and Vacuum) and a HEPA filtration system with 20+ air exchanges/hr.

Even with this highly mobile surgery center being highly sophisticated, it can be set up in less than one (1) hour and ready to service patients.   Therefore, this mobile surgery unit is ready for any kind of mission (domestic or international and for everyday surgical use or emergency needs (natural or man-made disasters)).

 Surgeon Team In Surgery Inside Mobile Surgical Facility

Our 53’ (16M) Mobile Surgery Unit layout maximizes the internal space proving you with a mobile operating suite with full ambulatory surgical capabilities. This mobile ambulatory surgery center has the following rooms/capabilities:

  • Operating Room
  • Pre-OP/Post-OP Room
  • Soiled Utility Room
  • Clean Utility Room
  • Nurses Station
  • Lavatory (Optional)
  • Janitor’s Closet

Customers have various needs and requirements for surgical equipment (type and brand names).  We will sell you any surgical equipment that you require with this Mobile surgical suite.

Providing YOU, the Surgeons and Nurses, the perfect mobile surgical facility to properly operate on YOUR most severely ill and injured patients!

Why you should choose to purchase our Remote Mobile Medical Unit?


Compare our Mobile Surgical Facility to our competitor’s mobile surgery unit (Quality, Capabilities, and Price) and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Surgical Facility.