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Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility

Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility (26′)(8M)

 Trauma Surgical Procedure Inside Mobile Trauma Surgical TrailerOur 26’ (8M) Expandable Mobile Trauma Surgery facility is especially designed to provide a rapidly deployable, clean, and safe mobile surgical unit for the treatment of massive traumas caused by mass casualty incidents both natural and manmade.

This 26’ (8M) Surgical Unit is built on a heavy-duty truck chassis.  This chassis comes standard with 2WD.  However, there are options to upgrade the drive to either 4WD or 6WD.  These options provide this Trauma Surgical Truck the capability to rapidly bring a mobile surgical facility to any mass casualty incident scene even over the worlds worst roads.

This mobile surgery unit meets the highest medical surgery facility standards.  We maximize the surgical space and implement the most critical capabilities found on our 53’ (16M) Mobile Surgical Facility while still maintaining the same levels of quality of care for the patient.

We integrate all Medical gas systems (02, Medical Air, and Vacuum) and a HEPA filtration system with 20+ air exchanges per hour.

This highly technical and maneuverable mobile surgical facility can be set up and struck by two (2) people in less than fifteen (15) minutes.

Having this Trauma Surgical Facility, at the scene of a mass casualty incident, can be the difference between life and death to many of the victims.

This mobile surgery unit meets the highest medical surgery facility standards. The three (3) expandable walls, on this mobile surgery unit,  increase the interior space for additional personnel to work on patients. One (1) room is the Pre-Op/Post-Op area and the other room is the Operating Room (OR).  This provides the three (3) critical surgical care procedures to occur in one (1) small compact mobile medical unit.

 Surgery In Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility

The operating suite has the following standard equipment:

  • Scrub Sink
  • Medical Gases (O2, Medical Air, Vacuum)
  • Surgical (OR) Light
  • Surgical (OR) Table
  • Instrument Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Crash Cart

 Standard Equipment in Pre-Op/Recovery room

  • Patient Stretcher
  • Patient Monitor
  • Nurses Station
  • Scrub Sink

Optional medical equipment available for purchase.  We are a turnkey company.  We will deliver a complete solution to meet your needs and requirements.


Why Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ 26′ (8M) Mobile Expandable Trauma Surgical Facility?


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