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Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility

Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility (30′)(9M)

 Surgery Inside Mobile Trauma Surgical FacilityThis Mobile Trauma Surgery facility is specially designed to provide two (2) clean and safe Operating Rooms (ORs).  These operating rooms are specially designed for the treatment of massive traumas.  The primary causes of these massive traumas are from mass casualty incidents (natural or manmade disasters).

Our mobile trauma surgery units can be built on several different types of vehicle chassis (trucks or trailers) in order to meet our customer’s specific needs and requirements.  This 30’ (9M) Trauma Surgical Unit is built on a heavy-duty truck chassis that can either be 2WD, 4WD or 6WD.  Having 6WD it is capable of going to any mass casualty incident scene, even where there are poor road networks.

Even with its great mobility, this mobile surgery unit still meets the highest surgical standards.  We maximize the surgical space and implement the most critical capabilities (found on our 53’ (16M) Mobile Surgical Facility) in order to maintain the same levels of quality of care for the patient.

This mobile surgery unit has integrated Medical gas systems (02, Medical Air, and Vacuum) and a HEPA filtration system with 20+ air exchanges per hour.

This highly technical and maneuverable mobile surgical unit can be set up and struck by two (2) people in less than fifteen (15) minutes.

Having a Trauma Surgical Facility, at the scene of a mass casualty incident, can be the difference between either saving a person’s life or limbs or losing them.

This 30’ (9M) Trauma Surgical Facility layout has four (4) slide out walls.  The slide out walls drastically increase the interior space.  The additional space provides the required room for additional doctors and nurses to work on patients.  This particular mobile surgical unit has two (2) complete mobile operating suites.  Having two (2) operating rooms, two (2) surgical procedures can be performed concurrently.  This is critical for handling all of the critical surgical cases resulting from many different types of disasters and mass casualty incident situations.

 Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility Operating Room

Each operating suite has the following standard equipment:

  • Scrub Sink
  • Medical Gases (O2, Medical Air, Vacuum)
  • Surgical (OR) Light
  • Surgical (OR) Table
  • Scrub Sink
  • Instrument Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Crash Cart

Note: Additional optional medical equipment available for purchase.  We are here to provide you a turnkey solution.

It is highly recommended to use this mobile trauma surgical facility in conjunction with our mobile mass casualty trailer, mobile triage facility, mobile intensive care unit, and one (1) of our patient ward facilities. The combination of these various facilities will provide you a complete mass casualty incident solution.


Why should you choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Trauma Surgery Facility?


Compare this Mobile Trauma Surgical Facility to our competitor’s Mobile Surgery Unit and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Trauma Surgical Facility due to its self-propelled, and high mobility capabilities (for remote locations) .