Project Description



Mobile Surgery Unit (30′)(9M)

 Surgeries On Mass Casualty Incidents Inside Mobile Surgery UnitMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Surgery Unit is designed with a doctor’s scrub area, and one (1) large Operating Room (OR) 400 ft(37.2 m2).  This surgical room meets the size and other standards for a Class “C” OR in the United States. This operating room can travel to very remote locations or battlefields.

Our Mobile Surgery Unit has an all aluminum frame and body built on a 30′ X 8.5′ (9M X 2.6M) extra heavy-duty truck chassis with 6WD (Optional – 2WD).  With it’s off road ability, this vehicle is capable of going to where the patients are located or to the location of where the battlefield casualties are located.

This large double expandable facility maximizes the operating theater space; however, there are no supporting facilities (Patient Pre-OP and Recovery stations) on this unit.  Therefore, it is highly recommend that this facility be used in conjunction with Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Patient Ward Facilities, Mobile Intensive Care Facilities, and/or Mobile Triage Facility.

In this particular facility, we have integrated a complete Medical gas system (02, Medical Air, and Vacuum) and a HEPA filtration system with 20+ air exchanges per hour.

This highly technical and maneuverable mobile surgical unit can be set up and struck by four (4) people in less than twenty (20) minutes.

Being able to bring this mobile surgical facility to a remote community or battlefield, allows the doctor to perform critical surgical treatment on severely injured or sick patients in a large and spacious mobile surgical suite.

This Mobile Surgery Unit‘s layout design integrates one (1) fully capable and complete mobile operating suite that meets the standards for a United States “Class C” operating room.  It also has an airlock/doctor’s scrub area.

 Operating Room Inside Mobile Surgery Unit

This operating suite has the following standard equipment:

  • Medical Gases (O2, Medical Air, Vacuum)
  • Surgical (OR) Light
  • Surgical (OR) Table
  • Instrument Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Crash Cart

The Entrance and Scrub Area has the following equipment standard:

  • Scrub Sink

Optional medical equipment is available for purchase.  We are here to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Why Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Surgery Unit?


Compare this Mobile Surgery Unit to our competitor’s Mobile Surgery Unit and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Surgery Unit for providing surgery capabilities to very remote locations.