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Floor Plan For Mobile Laboratory Facility

Mobile Laboratory Facility (40′ (12M)), (53′ (16M))

 Woman Researcher Looking Through Microscop Inside Mobile Laboratory FacilityMobile Healthcare Facilities is committed to providing the best Mobile Laboratory Facilities possible. We can also provide clean room capabilities in our mobile laboratories. Being mobile, allows for this system to serve different locations where there is a requirement for immediate laboratory testing.

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Laboratory is designed as a full service laboratory.  This mobile laboratory can be attached to any brick and mortar hospital to supplement or replace the current laboratory (inside the hospital). It can also be used as a stand-alone laboratory.  This mobile laboratory is capable of any types of tests.  We will integrate any test equipment that is required to your specific requirements.  We can also make sections of this trailer or the entire trailer into a clean room for specialized testing.

Our medical laboratory is specifically designed as a clinical laboratory where tests can be performed (on clinical specimens), in order to get information about the health of patients as pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.  We can separate our medical laboratories into two sections (Anatomic Pathology and Academically).  The Anatomic section could include histopathology, cytopathology, and electron microscopy  and the Academically section could include anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, and pathophysiology.  

This facility can be built on either a straight 40’ (12M) or 53’ (16M) heavy-duty semi trailer chassis.  If required, due to capacity and volume throughput issues, Mobile Healthcare Facilities is able to develop a laboratory facility solution in a 53’ (16M) double expandable trailer.  The double expandable laboratory will almost triple the size of the mobile lab.  The size of the mobile lab required is dependent upon the expected volume of testing to be performed and the size of the laboratory staff.  The superstructures, of these different size mobile laboratory units, are built with all aluminum framing and aluminum bodies.

 Detection Of Pathogens Inside Mobile Laboratory Unit

We maximize the internal space (proving our laboratory customers), with effective and efficient storage, testing, and documentation solutions.  Since each hospital requirement is different, Mobile Healthcare Facilities will work directly with them to provide a customized solution.

The layout of these 40’ (12M) and 53′ (16M) straight-sided laboratory can be set up and fully operational, to support the hospital, within forty (40) minutes after arrival, by four (4) personnel.  The primary set up time is preparing the testing equipment and staff for their work shifts.  These facilities are capable of being set up and struck in sixty (60) minutes or less by a staff as little as four (4) people.

Providing YOU, the Laboratory Technicians, the perfect mobile laboratory facility to properly prepare and test you clinical specimens!

Why choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Laboratory Facility?

Compare our Mobile Laboratory Facility to our competitor’s mobile laboratory units (Quality, Capabilities, and Price) and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Laboratory Facility.