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Mobile Emergency Response Facilities

We provide a massive variety of options enabling our customers to develop a highly innovative mobile medical facility solution.

Highly innovative Mobile Medical Facility solutions

  • A protective and safe mobile medical environment for treating sick or injured patients
  • A mobile solution to reduce the loss of life or limbs caused by natural or man made disasters
  • A solution for Mobile Surgery and Mobile Trauma Surgery
  • A mobile dialysis solution for the treatment of patients with renal failure
  • A mobile medical unit for treating Battlefield Casualties
  • A mass casualty incident trailer and surgical treatment solution for responding to and treating Mass Casualty Incident Victims
  • A solution for Mobile hospitals and mobile hospital complexes
  • A solution for a temporary or mobile Laboratory and mobile Clean Room
  • A solution for a mobile Pharmacy (Hospital Pharmacy and Retail Pharmacy)
  • A solution for mobile Radiology (Mobile X-Ray, Mobile CT Scan, and Mobile MRI)

A Mobile solution for Medical Patient Outreach

By servicing multiple locations with one mobile medical unit, these outreach facilities can also be designed and built with multiple clinical solutions on the same mobile vehicle.

Combining any of these to make your Ideal Mobile Unit

Using these various mobile medical units, in various combinations, allows you to produce varying size mobile hospital complexes, mobile field hospitals, mobile field clinics, or family wellness clinics. You tell us what capabilities are required for your mobile hospital, field hospital, or field clinic and we will work with you to design the perfect mobile hospital or mobile clinic solution.

These mobile hospitals, mobile field hospitals, and mobile clinics are the perfect solution for responses to natural (hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis etc.) and man-made disasters (war damages or terrorist attacks).


Mobile Healthcare Facilities is an international custom design and manufacturing company based in the United States. We integrate brick and mortar hospital designs into mobile medical vehicles (Trucks and Trailers) providing effective and economic mobile healthcare facility solutions. We can integrate up to 40 different medical specialties onto more than 10 different vehicle platforms resulting in multiple combinations of mobile medical unit solutions.

We accomplish this mission by assuring product quality
and integrating it with world class logistics services and support.

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Our most Popular Mobile Facilities

COVID-19 Mobile ICU Facilities

Outside Our Covid  Mobile Icu Facility  Icon

These are “Not Tents, Mobile Homes, or Warehouses” but highly engineered medical facilities designed to meet medical facility standards and not those “Makeshift” hospitals that are going up in NY and other states in tents and warehouses.

Mobile Surgical Facilities

Our Mobile Surgical Facilities are more than mobile surgery units, they are complete mobile surgical operating theaters and specially designed to provide surgical treatment that meets all US Standards of Care.

Mobile Dialysis Facilities

Mobile Dialysis Unit Mhfac Logo

We are committed to providing the very best mobile dialysis facilities on the market. Each of our Dialysis Facilities is specially designed to provide the ultimate dialysis care to patients suffering from renal disease.

What to Expect from Mobile Healthcare Facilities

Photo Texas Emergency Covid  Mobile Icu Facility Night View

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Medical Units are the BEST in Quality at the LOWEST Prices in this Market! Lease options are available on some Mobile Healthcare Facilities. Contact one of our sales representatives immediately for the BEST Price and lead time on your Mobile Healthcare Facility! You will be Happy that you did!

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NOTE: Our Mobile Healthcare Facilities are HIGHLY TECHNICAL and are BUILT TO ORDER (Not in-stock). There are no companies that have these types of mobile medical facilities in-stock. Therefore, please allow sufficient time in your project to have these facilities built! Typical build times are four (4) to nine (9) months.