Project Description

Providing Much Needed Medical Services To Locations Only Available By Boat!

Mobile General Medicine Boat Facility

 Examination On Mobile General Medicine Boat FacilityMobile Healthcare Facilities’ General Medicine Boat Facility is designed as a full service general medicine clinic.   Our 10.3M Marine General Medicine Facility is specially designed to service patients in remote locations where the only way to get to the patients is by water.  This floating clinic has a very low draft with a rugged bottom to travel in shallow water with hidden obstacles.  It can come with up to three (3) 150HP outboard motors.  The number of motors required is the speed that you would like for this boat to able to go.

Even with its marine mobility, it is still an excellent patient outreach clinic.  It provides the healthcare provider a conditioned, safe, and clean clinic to examine and treat patients.  Primary services could consist of routine, preventative medicine, and acute medical treatment and much more.  We customize to the client’s needs.

Additional medical treatment could consist of diagnostic services and preventative health services such as: 1) blood tests; 2) electrocardiography; 3) immunizations; and 4) the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

This particular medical boat has one (1) complete General Medicine Examination Room and can be set up and fully operational with one (1) person in less than five (5) minutes.  It is ready for use almost immediately upon arrival at the site where examinations and patient treatment is to be performed.

 Doctor Examination Inside General Medicine Boat

The Exam Room comes standard with the following medical equipment:

  • Welch Allen Diagnostic Wall Unit
  • Examination Table
  • Examination Lights
  • Instrument Table
  • Cabinets and Hand Wash Sink
  • Patient Weigh Scale
  • Doctor’s Stool
  • Hazardous Waste Container

Optional medical equipment is available for purchase.  We are here to meet your specific requirements.

Providing YOU, the Doctors and Nurses, the perfect mobile healthcare boat facility to properly examine and treat YOUR remote patients that are only accessible by boat!

Why choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ General Medicine Boat Facility?


Compare our Mobile General Medicine Boat Facility to our competitor’s equipment (Quality, Capabilities, and Price) and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ General Medicine Boat Facility.