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Mobile ER and Wellness Center

Mobile ER and Wellness Center

 Emergency Treatment Inside Mobile Er And Wellness ClinicMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile ER and Wellness Center is a good solution for military preparedness, disaster medical services, and oil companies drilling and producing oil from remotely located oil fields. This facility is our largest combination ER, Patient Recovery, and General Medical Facility.  Its design is perfect for providing physicals, basic medical treatment and handling traumatic accidents.  It is built on a 53′ (16M) Double Expandable Trailer with up to 1100 ft2 (102 M2) of internal space.

The emergency room is located directly inside this mobile medical unit.  The emergency room is able to handle patients, who are in need of immediate medical care, as a result of trauma or other life-threatening conditions. This ER is only designed to stabilize the patient before transferring them to surgery or intensive care.  Stabilizing a severely injured patient is critical before transporting them to a hospital.  A fully stabilized person has a much higher chance of living.

In addition to the emergency room capability of this facility, it can also provide preventative and immediate basic care with a wide range of conditions from the mundane to complex. Therefore, the oil field workers, disaster casualty, or soldier does not have to leave the scene to get this basic medical treatment.  For oil field workers, staying on the job increases their productivity and reduces direct labor costs by keeping the employees on the job.

This facility is based on a double expandable, heavy-duty trailer chassis.  The facility consists of: 1) emergency room; 2) emergency shower; 3) nurses’ station; 4) patient intensive care/recovery area (with five (5) patient rooms); 5) general medicine examination room; 6) soiled utility room; and 7) a clean utility room.   A Lavatory facility is also available as an option.

Being mobile, this unit can easily be moved from one location to another as required.  It can be set up and struck within eight (8) hours, by a crew of only eight (8) people.

Most oil field accidents result in oil contamination and injuries to the employee. Therefore, this unit also has a decontamination shower to remove the contamination before medical treatment.  The emergency shower is located just inside the emergency entrance.  This prevents the spread of contamination to the rest of the mobile hospital.

 Mass Casualty Incident Victim

This medical facility has the following recommended and optional medical and office equipment:

  • Crash Cart (1)
  • Nurses’ Station (1)
  • Patient Beds (5)
  • Herman Miller Cabinets (14)
  • Emergency Shower (1)
  • Patient Monitors (6)
  • ER Stretcher (1)
  • Doctor’s Stools (2)
  • Medical Gas Station (O2, Medial Air, and Vacuum) (6)
  • Hazardous Waste Container (7)
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner (1)
  • Sinks
  • Autoclave (1)
  • Welch Allen Diagnostic Wall Unit (1)
  • Exam Table (1)
  • EKG- Machine (1)
  • Ultrasound Machine (1)

 You can adjust the list of medical equipment by adding or eliminating some of them.  We will meet your specific requirements.

Having a Trauma Facility at the scene of a traumatic oil field accident, natural disaster, or battlefield site can be the difference between either saving or loosing a person’s life or limbs. Time is of the essence when a serious injury occurs. Most oil fields are remotely located from brick and mortar trauma treatment centers hour away (even by helicopter). The time lost by this transportation is critical for a critically injured employee or soldier!

 Treating An Oil Field Victim Inside Mobile Er And Wellness Center

Why you should choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile ER and Wellness Center:


Compare our Mobile ER and Wellness Center to our competitor’s mobile medical units and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile ER and Wellness Center.