Project Description

Mobile Hospitals are modular so they can be as large or as small as required to meet your needs. They also can easily expand by adding mobile healthcare facilities.

Mobile Hospital Complexes

Mobile Hospital Complexes

 Surgical Room Inside Mobile HospitalUsing a variety of mobile healthcare facilities, in various combinations, allows you to produce any size mobile hospital complex, mobile field hospital, mobile field clinic, or family wellness clinic that is right for you.

These different mobile healthcare facilities are modular so you can use them independently or in different combinations to make the right mobile hospital or field hospital. You tell us what capabilities are required for your mobile hospital, field hospital, or field clinic and we will work with you to design the perfect mobile hospital or mobile clinic solution.

These mobile hospitals, mobile field hospitals, or mobile clinics are the perfect solution for responses to natural (hurricanes, tornados, earth quakes, typhoons, etc.) and manmade disasters (war damages or terrorist attacks).

Our largest hospital complexes are capable of being used for mobile, semi-permanent or even permanent 40, 100, 100+ bed hospitals. Our layouts are designed to be modular so you can decide what types of medical services and the number of people you want to treat and we will work with you on the optimum mobile hospital or mobile clinic solution.

 Mobile Hospital StaffMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Hospital Complexes are a modular general hospital that is set up to deal with many kinds of diseases and injuries, and it has an emergency department to deal with immediate and urgent threats to health. Our modular facilities provides the local community with a state of the art mobile hospital.  Being modular, we can lay out the different individual mobile facilities into a complete mobile hospital complex that meets your specific needs.  We will masterfully lay out our various mobile healthcare facilities into wings to maximize the effectiveness of the entire hospital.  This lay out will then create your hospital campus.

Some patients go to a hospital just for diagnosis, treatment, or therapy and then leave (‘outpatients’) without staying overnight; while others are ‘admitted’ and stay overnight or for several days or weeks or months (‘inpatients’).  Our mobile hospitals can be used to treat and service both types of patients.  They can either be admitted as inpatients or treated and released as outpatients.  The combination of the different types of mobile facilities will allow you to determine if your hospital is designed to handle more inpatients or outpatients.

Our mobile hospitals are excellent solutions for: 1) new hospitals to handle population growth; 2) replacing a destroyed hospital from natural or manmade disasters; 3) mobile military hospital; and 4) additional hospital wings for existing brick and mortar hospitals.

The advantage of this mobile hospital is that it can be manufactured, delivered, set-up and operational within fourteen (14) months.  A brick and mortar facility will take at least thirty-six (36) to forty-eight (48) months or longer just to design and build the facility (depending upon the availability of the materials and permits required).

This is your mobile hospital, hospital complex, or field hospital. We will work with you to customize the right solution to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Also, being modular, it can be easily expanded or modified by just:

  1.  adding additional mobile healthcare facilities to the complex;
  2.  removing facilities from the complex; or
  3.  moving the different mobile facilities to different locations within the hospital complex.  This allows you to easily adjust your capabilities as your needs change. These modifications are less expensive than changing brick and mortar hospitals.


 Emergency Room Inside Mobile Hospital

Providing YOU, the Hospital Staff, the perfect mobile hospital complex to properly treat your sick and injured patients!

Why Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ 40, 100, 100+ Mobile Hospital Complexes?

Compare our Mobile Hospital Complexes to our competitor’s mobile hospital units (Quality, Capabilities, and Price) and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Hospital Complexes.