Project Description

2020 COVID-19 Mobile ICU Facilities

Photo Outside Rear And Streetside

COVID-19 Mobile ICU Double Expandable Facility

This mobile facility is housed in a 53’ double expandable medical facility designed for over 25 years of continuous usage. These are “Not Tents, Mobile Homes, or Warehouses” but highly engineered medical facilities designed to meet medical facility standards and not those “Makeshift” hospitals that are going up in NY and other states in tents and warehouses. Our facilities are an engineered solution not only to fight the COVID 19 problem of today, but for use in the future for pandemics, and natural disasters. They also are excellent facilities for use as additional patient capacity for ER facilities during the peak portion of the flu season. Whereas, most if not all of the tents purchased for these makeshift hospitals will be destroyed (burned) once this pandemic is over. Therefore, not only would these Mobile Facilities be a great asset during this COVID 19 crisis; but would also be excellent assets to have in your emergency response arsenal in case of future emergencies and patient overflow for ERs, Patent Rooms, etc.

We can provide these Mobile Healthcare Facilities with negative pressure systems for ICUs, Clinics, or ERs. 

Lead Time between 7 to 45 days.

Recent install of a COVID-19 unit at Gila River

This facility comes with the following items:

  1. Privacy Curtains
  2. HVAC System
    • MERV 12 Filtration
    • iWave virus killing system
    • Laminar Airflow from Ceiling to Floor
    • Negative Pressures (Exhaust Fans at floor level to outside)
  3.  Electrical Hospital Beds (9 ea.)
  4. Generator
  5.  Shore Power Connection (208V, 3 Phase, 200 Amps)
  6. Electrical Outlets
  7.  LED Lighting

Our inventory is limited, Please call 678-232-4316 for a current inventory of these Medical Facilities to fight COVID-19.

Floor Plan

Floorplan Of Our Covid Mobile Icu Bc Double Expandable Facility