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Mobile General Medicine Outreach Clinic (30′)(9M)

 Doctor Measuring Blood Pressure Inside Mobile General Medicine Outreach ClinicMobile Healthcare Facilities’ General Medicine Outreach Clinic is a comprehensive primary mobile care facility specially designed for outpatient services such as: preventative medicine services, assessment and treatment of acute medical problems, and the monitoring and treatment of chronic diseases.

Some of the treatment services that can be performed in this facility consist of: 1) Primary care and health maintenance; 2) Internal medicine; 3) General health care; 4) Preventative care; 5) Geriatric care; 6) Women’s healthcare; 7) Men’s healthcare; 8) Immunizations; 9) Minor surgery; and 10) Treatment and management of chronic and acute illness.

This General Medicine Outreach Clinic was designed and built on a super-duty, self-propelled vehicle chassis. The clinic has a strong, all aluminum frame and body (Length – 30′ (9M), Width – 8′ 6″ (2.6M)). This solid enclosure is fully conditioned and passes all of U.S. healthcare code standards.

This General Medicine Truck can be purchased with either 2WD or 6WD. With 6WD, this clinic is fully capable of traversing the worst road networks on the globe in order to bring basic healthcare service and treatment to the most remote patients and villages.

This mobile General Outreach Unit can reach the most remote patients and provide critical outreach treatment and still can be set up and struck by five (5) people in less than fifteen (15) minutes.

This mobile medical unit’s floor plan layout comes with two (2) complete General Medicine Examination Rooms, a Reception/Waiting Room, and a Lavatory in all in one (1) environmentally controlled, all aluminum straight-sided, mobile medical clinic.

This clinic is specifically designed to be self-sufficient providing space for a receptionist, a waiting area, and a lavatory for the staff and patients. In addition, two (2) complete medical examination rooms are in this one (1) compact, highly mobile medical facility.

 Appointment For Mother And Daughter With Nurse In Mobile General Medicine Outreach Clinic

Each examination room comes with the following medical equipment standard:

  • Welch Allen Diagnostic Wall Unit
  • Cabinets and Hand Wash Sink
  • Examination Table
  • Examination Lights
  • Instrument Table
  • Doctor’s Stool
  • Hazardous Waste Container
  • Patient Weigh Scale

There is additional optional medical equipment available upon request.

Providing YOU, the Doctors and Nurses, the perfect mobile healthcare facility to properly examine and treat YOUR remote patients!

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Compare our Mobile Outreach Clinic to our competitor’s Mobile General Medicine Unit and you will select Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile General Medicine Outreach Facility.