Project Description


“THREE (3)” different type of medical specialities in “ONE (1)” Mobile Medical Unit!

General Internal Medicine Facility

Mobile General Medicine, Optometry, and Dental Clinic (30′)(9M)

 Emergency Dentistry Inside Mobile General Medicine And Dental FacilityOur 30′ (9M) General Medicine Clinic, Optometry Clinic, and Dental Units are specially designed to provide the highest medical, eye care, and dental facility standards (for basic healthcare services, eye care services and dental services), in one single mobile medical unit.

This combination Mobile Dental, Mobile Optometry, and Mobile General Medicine facility can be used every day to: 1) treat and vaccinate patients; 2) diagnosis, prevent, and treat diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity (tooth decay and gum disease or pyorrhea); and 3) test and treat problems with the eyes.

This 30′ (9M) combination mobile medical unit is built on a heavy-duty truck chassis with several optional drives (2WD, 4WD, or 6WD).  Therefore, this medical vehicle provides a multiple mobile medical solution (for various medical missions) all on one (1) mobile medical vehicle.

Our 30′ (9M) Combination Facility layout is based inside a straight-sided, all aluminum frame and body.  This provides a strong yet lightweight structure.

On the front end of this mobile medical facility is the dental clinic, the middle room is the general medicine clinic, and the back room is the optometry clinic.

 Mobile General Medicine Pediatrician Using A Swab


 Child Getting Tooth Filling Inside Mobile Dental Unit


 Optometrist Examining Patient On Phoropter Inside Mobile Ophthalmology Clinic

The dental clinic has the following standard dental equipment:

  • Dental Chair including: Delivery system, Cuspidor, Support Center, Assistant’s Instrumentation, Dental Light, Dentist’s Stool, Assistant’s Stool  (1)
  • Oil-free, Ultra Low Noise Air Compressor (1)
  • Dental Hand pieces including 2 each: Power turbine, Power Set Air motor, Straight Power Set hand piece, and Power Set Contra Angle. (1)
  • General Dentistry Instrument Set Including Extraction and Impression (1)
  • Small, Medium, and Large Instrument Trays (1)
  • Curing Instrument Set (1)
  • Pyon-1 Piezo Scalar (1)
  • Amalgamator (1)
  • Dental Curing Light (1)
  • Dental X-Ray Unit (1)
  • 3 Tray Autoclave (1)
  • Dentist Stools (1)
  • Wire Glove Dispenser (1)
  • Wall Clothes Hanger (1)
  • Hazardous Waste Container (1)

This facility also comes with the standard General Medicine Unit equipment:

  • Welch Allen Wall Diagnostic Unit
  • Doctor’s Stool
  • Weigh Scale
  • Exam Table
  • Doctor’s Stool
  • Examination Lights
  • Instrument Table
  • Hand Wash Sink and Cabinets
  • Welch Allen Wall Diagnostic Unit

This facility comes with the following standard Ophthalmology Equipment:

  • Phoropter (1)
  • Screening Tables (1)
  • Instrument Stands (1)
  • Slit Lamps (1)
  • LED High intensity Examination Light (1)
  • Manual Recline Examination Chair (1)
  • Eye Charts (1)
  • Autorefractometer (1)
  • Auto Projectors (1)
  • Direct Ophthalmoscope & Battery handle (1)
  • Trial Lens Set (232 pieces) (1) and Trial Lens Light Weigh Frame (1)

Additional Medical, Dental, and Optometry equipment available for purchase.  Mobile Healthcare Facilities is here to provide you a turnkey solution to meet your specific needs and requirements. 

Providing YOU, the Doctors, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Nurses, and Dental Hygienist the perfect mobile healthcare facility to properly examine and treat YOUR remote patients in the same facility!

Why choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ 30′ (9M) Mobile Combination Facility (General Medicine, Optometry, and Dental)?


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