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Mobile ENT - Audiology Clinic

Mobile ENT – Audiology Clinic (20′)(6M)

 Hearing Test In Mobile Ent Audiology ClinicMobile Healthcare Facilities is committed to providing the best mobile audiology clinics possible. Our Audiology/ENT Facilities are specially designed to provide the highest standards for hearing tests. It is totally self-contained, and is capable of traversing the world’s toughest terrains.

We can integrate Audiology/ENT equipment into various size mobile facilities. This allows for various options for our customers. The optimum solution is based upon:

  • The number of patients to be tested.
  • Various terrains these facilities will need to travel over to get to their patients.

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ ENT/Audiology Clinic is specially designed and built like our 17′ (5M) remote facilities. This mobile ENT/Audiology unit is built on a heavy-duty, rugged, and highly mobile 4-wheel drive vehicle.  It is fully capable of traversing the very worst roads in your country, in order to bringing ENT and Audiology care and treatment to your very most remote patients and villages.

This facility is designed with a low exterior height so it can pass under low overhead canopies. Even with its low exterior height, we have maximized the interior headroom through our classified manufacturing process.  This extended headroom prevents the feeling of claustrophobia while inside the ENT/Audiology facility.

Even with its remote capability, it still is specially designed to provide doctors and audiologist a safe and conditioned mobile clinic.  Our Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Clinic provides treatment for conditions and diseases of the ear, nose and throat. You are able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat otolaryngological conditions and diseases, offering oncology, trauma, otology/neurology/audiology (ear/ear-brain/hearing), rhinology (sinal, nasal and breathing), and laryngology (voice and swallowing).

Audiologists can provide comprehensive hearing evaluations using the latest diagnostic tools to assess various types of hearing loss.  This ENT/Audiology Clinic can be set up and fully operational with one (1) person in less than twenty (20) minutes.  The majority of the set-up time is preparing the audiology testing booth and hearing test equipment for use.

This compact audiology clinic has a floor plan that comes within a straight-sided all aluminum superstructure which is lightweight but very strong to handle the most extreme conditions.

This ENT/Audiology facility is specifically designed to provide complete general medicine screening as well as performing hearing tests.

 Otoscope On The Ear Of A Patient Inside Mobile Audiology Clinic

This unit comes with the following Medical and ENT/Audiology equipment standard: 

  • Exam Table (1)
  • Examination Lights (2)
  • Wire Glove Dispenser (2)
  • Wall Clothes Hanger (2)
  • Doctor’s Airlift Stool (1)
  • Hazardous Waste Container (1)
  • Stainless Steel Instrument Table (1)
  • Welch Allen Diagnostic Wall Station (1)
  • Percussion Hammer (1)
  • Health-O-Meter Physician Scale (1)
  • Stethoscope (1)
  • Diagnostic Audiometer (1)
  • Audiometric Sound Isolation Booth (1)
  • VRA2001 Complete with MDF Box, Audiometer & Accessories (1)
  • Hearing Aid Analyzer (1)
  • Sound Level Meter (1)
  • Middle Ear Analyzer

Optional medical and audiology equipment available for purchase to meet your specific needs.  We provide a turnkey solution to specifically meet your needs.

Providing YOU, the Doctors, Audiologists, and Nurses, the perfect mobile ENT/Audiology facility to properly test, examine and treat YOUR remote ENT and Audiology patients!

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Compare our Mobile ENT/Audiology Clinic to our competitor’s Mobile ENT Unit and you will select Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile ENT/Audiology Clinic.