Project Description

Two (2) Semi-Private Dental Rooms, and a Panoramic X-Ray Room all in One (1) Highly Mobile Mobile Dental Truck!

Mobile Dental Outreach Facility

Mobile Dental Outreach Facility (20′)(6M)

 Dentist With Teeth X Ray In Mobile Dental Outreach FacilityOur 20′ (6M) Double Expandable Mobile Dental Facility is designed and built like our 17′ (5M) remote dental clinic. This mobile dental unit is heavy-duty, rugged, and highly mobile with 4-wheel drive. It is fully capable of traversing the very worst road networks on the planet in order to bring dental care and treatment to the most remote patients and villages.

Even with its remote capability, it still is specially designed to provide a dentist and dental hygienist a safe and conditioned mobile dental clinic specifically designed for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity (tooth decay and gum disease or pyorrhea).

The dental treatments that can be performed efficiently and effectively inside these mobile dental clinics are: 1) restoration of teeth; 2) extraction or surgical removal of teeth; 3) scaling of teeth, and 4) root canals.

This dental unit also has the capability of producing panoramic x-rays of both the upper and lower jaws. These x-rays show the dentist a two (2) dimensional view of a half circle from ear to ear.

With two (2) expandable rooms, this mobile dental unit can accommodate two (2) semi-private dental rooms and a Panoramic X-Ray room in this one mobile dental facility. This mobile dental unit has two (2) full function modern dental chairs, two (2) digital dental X-Ray machines, and one (1) digital panoramic x-ray machine.

Like our Remote Dental Clinic, this dental vehicle has can be set up and fully operational with one (1) person in less than ten (10) minutes. Thus, it is ready for use almost immediately upon arrival at the site where dental services are to be performed.

This compact dental clinic has a floor plan that comes with a Panoramic Dental X-Ray machine and two (2) complete semi-private Dental Rooms. In addition, this particular floor plan has two (2) expandable walls (One on each side of the facility). These slide out rooms dramatically increase the working space in this facility allowing for all of the dental equipment used in this unit.

This dental facility is specifically designed to provide complete dental x-ray screening (normal and panoramic) as well as complete dental operations (dental procedures and teeth and gum preventative maintenance).

 Dentist Performing Examination Inside Mobile Dental Outreach Facility

This unit comes with the following dental equipment standard:

  • Panoramic X-Ray Machine (1)
  • Dental Chairs (2)
  • Dental X-Ray Machine (Film or Digital)(2)
  • Dentist Work Station (1)
  • Dentist’s Stool (2)
  • Cabinets and Hand Wash Sink (1)

Optional dental equipment is available for purchase. We aim to satisfy your specific requirements.

Providing YOU, the Dentists and Dental Hygienists, the perfect mobile dental facility to properly examine and treat YOUR remote patients!

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Compare our Double Expandable Mobile Dental Outreach Facility to our competitor’s Mobile Dental Unit and you will select Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Dental Outreach Facility.