Project Description


Remote Mobile Ophthalmology Facility (17′)(5M)

 Optician Consulting Elderly Patient Inside Remote Mobile Ophthalmology FacilityOur 17′ (5M) Remote Ophthalmology Unit is designed especially to meet its remote name.  This mobile clinical truck is heavy-duty, rugged, and highly mobile with 4-wheel drive.  It is fully capable of traversing the very worst road networks on earth in order to bringing eye care treatment to the most remote patients and villages.

This facility is compact by reducing the exterior height allowing this medical vehicle to travel roads with low canopies; however, we are able to maximize the interior height for headroom.  We accomplish this by engineering a thinner depth between the roof and the interior ceiling.  We are able to use state of the art insulation, with high “R” values, to maintain insulation levels, while reducing the depth of the insulation.  This allows us to reduce the space between the roof and ceiling; therefore, reducing the exterior height allowing this medical vehicle to travel roads with low overhead canopies.

Even with its excellent mobility, it is still a great patient outreach clinic.  This facility provides the healthcare provider a conditioned, safe, and clean clinic to deal with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye.  This facility provides the ophthalmologist and or optometrist a facility to: 1) examine the health of the eyes and its related structures; 2) examine patient’s vision and visual systems, and vision information processing; and 3) treat the patients to improve their vision.

This particular mobile medical vehicle has one (1) complete Ophthalmology Examination Room and can be set up and fully operational with one (1) person in less than five (5) minutes.  It is ready for use almost immediately upon arrival at the site where examinations and patient treatment is to be performed.

 Eye Vision Examination Inside Remote Mobile Ophthalmology Facility

The Exam Room comes standard with the following medical equipment:

  • Phoropter (1)
  • Screening Table (1)
  • Instrument Stand (1)
  • Slit Lamp (1)
  • LED High Intensity Exam Light (1)
  • Manual Recline Exam Chair (1)
  • Eye Chart (1)
  • Autorefractometer (1)
  • Auto Projector (1)
  • Direct Ophthalmoscope & Battery Handle (1)
  • Trial Lens Set (232 pieces) (1)
  • Trial Lens Light Weight Frame (1)
  • Air Lift Stool (2)
  • Wire Glove Dispenser (1)
  • Wall Clothes Hanger (1)
  • Hazardous Waste Container (1)

Optional ophthalmology and optometry equipment is available for purchase.  We are here to meet your specific requirements.

Providing YOU, the front line Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, the perfect mobile healthcare facility to properly examine and treat YOUR remote eye care patients!

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