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Mobile X-Ray Facility

Mobile X-Ray Facility (40′)(12M)

 Patient Undergoing Scan Inside Mobile X Ray FacilityMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile X-Ray Facility is a specially designed radiological clinic primarily devoted to the use of x-rays to view a non-uniformly part of the human body. The x-ray can help diagnose Pneumothorax and Pneumoperitoneum, Corpus Alienum (foreign body), Bowel Obstruction, Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (pneumonia, TB), Stones, and Bone Fractures.

This x-ray imaging unit is built on a 40′ X 8.5′ (12M X 2.6M) heavy-duty semi trailer chassis producing a world-class mobile x-ray trailer that is capable of providing imaging aid and on-site screen testing for patients. This facility is so easy to use that it can be set up and be fully operational in as little as 20 minutes.

Our mobile x-ray trailer is designed with the radiologist in mind.  It is easy to use and the layout is highly efficient for the radiologist.  This trailer has customized cabinetry, and high quality structural material for long life. This mobile unit can be integrated with Phillips, GE, Toshiba, or Siemens X-Ray machines. We will build your mobile x-ray facility to meet your specific requirements.

 Mobile X Ray Facility In Action

This x-ray facility has an all aluminum frame and body construction.  This makes the facility strong and lightweight. The trailer is straight-sided and has an x-ray room and an operator’s room.

The entrance to this facility is in the rear with a stairs and landing.  An optional wheel chair or patient bed lift can be added to provide additional handicap access.

Providing YOU, the Radiologist, the perfect mobile X-Ray facility to properly gain critical internal images of your patients!

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