Project Description

Mobile Women’s Healthcare Facility For Both Mammography Screening And Ob-gyn Services

With Four (4) Expandable Walls For Additional Work Space

Mobile Women’s Healthcare Facility (30′)(9M)

 Ultrasound Inside Mobile Women’s Healthcare FacilityOur 30’ (9M) Mobile Women’s Healthcare Facility is specially designed and devoted to the confidential personal care for women. This Mobile women’s clinic is designed and manufactured with the same capabilities and standards found in a U.S. brick and mortar women’s health center. There is both an OB-GYN clinic and a Mammography clinic inside this one (1) mobile medical unit.

This mobile mammography and OB-GYN unit is devoted to obstetrics and gynecology, including female infertility, and family planning. Some of the equipment that can be implemented into this OB-GYN clinic are: 1) Ultrasound Machines; 2) fetal monitors; 3) PAP smear tests; 4) other female test equipment; and 5) much more (We will sell you any type of top quality medical equipment that you require to meet your needs.).

For breast screening, this mobile medical vehicle is designed with an integrated mammography machine. We are able to integrate Philips Mammography Machines, Hologic Mammography Machines; and Siemens Mammography Machines into this mobile women’s clinic.

This Women’s Clinic is built on a self-propelled, heavy-duty truck chassis that can be either 2-wheel or 6-wheel drive. The 6-wheel drive is optional for additional off road capabilities.  Utilizing the 6-wheel drive feature, this mobile women’s center is fully capable of traversing the worst road networks on the planet in order to bringing women’s healthcare treatment to the most remote patients and villages in the world.

This highly mobile and maneuverable Women’s Clinic can be set up and struck by four (4) people in less than twenty (20) minutes.

The clinic is 30’ X 8.5’ (9M X 2.5M) and it is an enclosed, conditioned, high strength, all aluminum structure with four (4) expandable walls.  These expandable walls provide additional internal working space.  This additional space makes for easier patient treatment.

Our mobile women’s clinic has one (1) OB-GYN room, one (1) Mammography room, one (1) Reception/Waiting Area, and one (1) unisex lavatory. The only difference of between this facility and our Mobile Women’s Health Clinic is the additional space.

This clinic is also specifically designed to be self-sufficient providing working space for a receptionist, a waiting room, and a unisex lavatory for the staff and patients.

 Doctor With Mother And Daughter In Mobile Women’s Healthcare Facility

This women’s health unit comes standard with the following medical equipment:

  • Mammography Machine (You choose type and brand) (1)
  • Examination Lights (2)
  • Examination Table (1)
  • Welch Allen Diagnostic Wall Unit (1)
  • Cabinets and Hand Wash Sink (1)
  • Instrument Table (1)
  • Doctor’s Stool (1)
  • Patient Weigh Scale (1)
  • Hazardous Waste Container (2)
  • Ultrasound Machine (You choose type and brand) (1)
  • Fetal Monitor (1)

Additional medical equipment can be purchased as optional medical equipment.  We are here to service your specific needs.

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Women’s Healthcare Facility will provide the much needed medical screening and treatment needed to keep Women Safe and Healthy!

Why choose our Mobile Women’s Health Center?


Compare our Mobile Women’s Healthcare Facility to our competitor’s Mobile General Medicine Unit and you will select Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Women’s Healthcare Facility.