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Mobile MRI Facility

Mobile MRI Facility (48′)(14.5M)

 Doctor Running A Mri Tomograph Scan Inside Mobile Mri FacilityOur 48’ (14.5M) Mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility is a specially designed radiological clinic primarily devoted to patient screening. The screening used is a medical imaging technique to investigate the anatomy and function of the body (in both health and disease) with an MRI machine. Our MRI scanners use a strong magnetic field and radio waves to form images of the body.

MRI is the investigation of choice to scan the internal structures of patient’s bodies to detect abnormalities such as neurological cancers (since it is more sensitive that PET/CT for small tumors) and offers better visualization for the posterior fossa. Also, for cardiac MRI, its applications include assessment of myocardial ischernia and viability, cardiomyopathies, myocarditis, iron overload, vascular diseases, and congenital heart disease. Our MRI systems can also scan the musculoskeletal system such as spinal imaging, assessment of joint disease and soft image tumors.

MRI provides images with excellent contrast that allow clinicians to clearly see details of soft tissue, bone, joints, and ligaments. Because MRI does not use ionizing radiation to produce images, like radiography and CT, it is often the examination of choice for imaging the male and female reproductive systems, pelvis and hips, and urinary tract and bladder.

This world-class mobile MRI trailer is capable of providing imaging aid and on-site screen testing for patients. Its mobility allows for you to bring the newest MRI technology to your doorstep in one complete package. Our mobile MRI facility can be set up and be fully missioned capable in as little as twenty (20) minutes.

Our mobile MRI trailer is designed for ease of use by the radiologist when and where you need it. It has customized cabinetry, and high quality structural material for long life. This mobile MRI unit can be integrated with Phillips, GE, Hitachi, Toshiba, or Siemens MRI scanners. Our mobile MRI facility is built to meet your needs.

 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Examination Inside Mobile Mri Facility

This MRI unit is built on a 48’ (14.5M) heavy-duty, semi-trailer chassis (A semi-type truck tows this facility.). The body and frame structure is all aluminum; therefore, it is lightweight and strong. The trailer has two (2) expandable walls to increase the interior space, inside the MRI imaging room, to allow the radiologist sufficient space to work around the equipment.

The layout of this facility has the following rooms: 1) MRI imaging room; 2) MRI operator station; 3) Storage Area; and 4) an optional Lavatory.

There are two (2) means of entrance and egress from this facility. They are by either a set of entrance stairs or a large hydraulic lift. The lift is capable of lifting large equipment as well as patient wheel chairs and beds.

Providing YOU, the front line Radiologist, the perfect mobile MRI facility to properly scan YOUR most seriously sick patients in various communities and villages!

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