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Mobile Healthcare Facilities Largest (53′)(16m) Mobile Dialysis Facility!

Mobile Dialysis Facility

Mobile Dialysis Facility (53′)(16M)

Mobile Healthcare Facilities has two (2) options for our (53′)(16m) Mobile Dialysis Facilities

  1. For the US, there is a six (6) station mobile dialysis facility.

  2. This facility can also be used internationally. However, there is an international eight (8) Dialysis Station Facility (built on this same 53′ (16M) double expandable trailer). This facility is only available for International Customers due to US codes.

 High Tech Equipment Inside Mobile Dialysis Facility

Mobile Healthcare Facilities Mobile Dialysis Facility (53′)(16M) is specially designed to provide primary dialysis treatment to patients suffering from renal disease. The use of hemodialysis treatment is the most common method to treat patients with kidney failure . Our mobile dialysis facility is the most advanced mobile system for hemodialysis treatment.

Our 53’ (16M) Mobile Dialysis Unit has an all aluminum superstructure with two (2) large expandable walls.  These expandable walls provide an interior space of over 1100 ft2  (102 M2) This drastically increases the working space (inside the mobile dialysis center) for all of the required equipment, supplies, and personnel.  This facility comes standard with six (6) patient dialysis treatment stations, a water treatment room, a large nurse’s station, and a patient and staff lavatory.

An 8-dialysis patient station facility is also available. Increasing from 6 to 8 patient stations in this facility.  Increasing the number of patient stations does not reduce the health, safety, quality of care, or well being of the patients.

 Electronic Sphygmomanometer In Mobile Dialysis Facilities

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ dialysis equipment performs the following dialysis operations:  1) Pre-Treatment of incoming potable water (for the reverse osmosis machines); 2) Reverse Osmosis water treatment with heat sanitation (for the individual dialysis machines); 3) Patient Dialysis Treatment (Your choice of top line dialysis machines (Fresenius, B. Braun, Baxter, Gambro, Renatron, or Zyzatch)).   Also, there are patient dialysis reclining chairs and individual entertainment systems at each patient dialysis station.

This is a highly sophisticated and technical Mobile Dialysis Unit that is easy to set up and strike.  It takes six (6) people less than one (1) hour to set up or strike this facility.

Providing YOU, the Dialysis Nurses and Staff, the perfect mobile dialysis treatment facility with the equipment necessary to meet your demanding dialysis mission!

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Compare our Mobile Dialysis Facility to our competitors Mobile Dialysis Unit for quality and price and you are sure to choose Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Dialysis Facility. This is the right mobile dialysis facility for you at the right price.